Who Edit

Also known as "SomeAtoms" and "ACollectionOfParticles". On July 6th, he made his debut in "[S Cascade MIDI "Making Of" Stream - PART 3!!!]" at 39:34.

Contributions Edit

  • Occasionally featured in the stream chat, relentlessly making comments, only some humorus
  • Helped determine chat-to-stream and occasionally audio-video lag
  • Finally told Ryan their microphone was off that one time
  • Created the Scream Dream Meme Team logo
  • Wrote "They who Begin With "G" and do not Cease"
  • Plays the viola obnoxiously, poorly, with bad timing, too loud, with no regard for others (even though he should consider others)
  • Currently creating a followup to the popular "Yell Heah" image
  • Featured as a guest in many recent streams (Written August 3rd, 2015)
  • Nothing of importance

Trivia Edit

  • Has not answered in multiple interviews if he is "in fact many lizards forming a human with uncanny resemblance to a human"
  • Is a strong supporter of communism
  • Continued normal life for more than a month with a dislocated hip
  • Has been known to make mistakes
  • Once ate an entire lemon, unpeeled
  • Has 5 tiny hands
  • Is just trying to live please help me
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